Our references

FILTRONtec is now active on three continents with our fine dust filters and gas filters for tunnel systems and underground garages.

Our references include:

Air filtration plant in Calle M30 Rio, Madrid

In March 2022 FILTRONtec was awarded with the contract for planning and installation of an additional air filtration plant for the Calle M30 tunnel in Madrid. This tunnel is now extended over the location of the former Vicente Calderón stadium. The installation was finished end of 2022. The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for 2023.

Basic information:

Client:Soterramientos Calle 30 Calderon, UTE (Acciona Ferrovial Joint Venture)
Contract award:March 2022
Handover:August 2023
Air volume flow fine dust filter:305m3/s

Additional information:

Project website

Construction site Calle M30
Construction site Calle M30

Air filtration plants in the Guimiao Road Tunnel, Shenzhen, China

Manufacture and delivery of 140 ESP modules for two air filtration plants. Delivery of the corresponding high voltage supply units. The installation and commissioning of the plants is done by our Chinese partner.

Basic information:

Client:Shanghai MASTECK Environmental Co., Ltd.
Contract award:2020
Handover:March 2021
Air volume flow fine dust filter:400m3/s (in two plants)

Eight air filters in the Central-Wan Chai Bypass tunnel, Hong Kong

The tunnel forms part of the new strategically important road called the Central-Wan Chai Bypass running along the north shore of Hong Kong island. The dual three-lane tunnel is 3.7 km long. The tunnel has two traffic tubes, each with three lanes and runs partly under the water's surface.

In June 2014, FILTRONtec was commissioned by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with the planning, delivery and installation of eight air purification systems to filter the total polluted air escaping from the tunnel with a whole air flow volume of 1500 m³/s.

Basic information:

Client:Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / Leighton Joint Venture
Contract award2014
Handover:December 2018
Special features:ESP and integrated DeNO2-filters
Air volume flow filters1,500m3/s (in eight plants)

Additional information:

Announcement of tunnel opening

Project description Highways Department Hong Kong

Tunnel entrance and West Ventilation Building

Tunnel entrance and West Ventilation Building

Air filter system in the M5-East tunnel in Sydney

In 2004, we were commissioned by the Australian Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) to equip the M5-East tunnel in Sydney with an air filter system, after having emerged as one of the winners from a world-wide technical qualification contest.

In addition to the entire air filter system, we also designed, supplied and installed fans, silencers, fire dampers, as well as the required electrical, measuring and control technology. After successful commissioning, the plant was handed over in April 2010.

Basic information:

Client:Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) / Baulderstone Pty Ltd – Sydney
Qualifying competition:2004
Contract award:2009
Handover:April 2010
Special features:integrated gas filter
Air volume flow fine dust filter:

200 m³/s
Air volume flow gas filter (switchable):50 m³/s

Additional information:

Construction of the filter

M5-East tunnel entrance, Sydney2
M5-East tunnel entrance, Sydney

Air filter systems in Madrid's Calle M30 Rio tunnel

Three of our filter plants are successfully demonstrating their qualities in the Calle M30 Rio tunnel in the Spanish capital, Madrid. In three of the tunnel sections, our systems filter different air volume flows of 50, 200 and 260 m³/s

Basic information:

Client:FCC Construccion, S.A. and ACCIONA Infraestructuras, S.A., Madrid
Number of projects:3
Deliveries:November and December 2007
Filtered air volume flow50 m³/s; 260 m³/s; 200 m³/s

Additional information:

Tunnel operator's website

low exhaust air shafts at tunnel Calle M30 Rio, Madrid

The filtered tunnel exhaust air is discharged into the environment via low exhaust air shafts with an air velocity of only 5 m/s.

Pilot filter system at the Elbtunnel, Hamburg

The Civil Engineering Department of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg commissioned us in 1994 to plan, construct and test a pilot filter installation at the Elbtunnel. The project was funded by the then Federal Ministry of Education, Research and Technology (BMFT).

Pilotfilteranlage am Elbtunnel Hamburg
Pilot filter system at the Elbtunnel Hamburg