Our technologies

FILTRONtec's highly efficient air filters divert particulate matter and pollutant gases, such as nitrogen dioxide in particular, from the exhaust air of road traffic structures. Our filter systems can be installed in road tunnels and other structures, such as large inner-city underground garages.

The FILTRONtec particle filter is based on proven Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) technology configured in an innovative modular construction methodology to remove fine airborne particles. The air filter system, therefore, is readily suited to applications with different airflow volumes, temperatures, relative humidity, particle concentrations and air channel cross-sections.

Immediately following the ESP filter noxious gases can be removed by FILTRONtec's gaseous filter (DeNO2), which is based on the use of activated carbon contained within standard modular stainless steel structures.

Our air filters can be used in road tunnels with single directional and bi-directional traffic or in underground garages of high-rise buildings and shopping centres. Our air filters can be used anywhere where pollutant emissions need to be reduced for reasons of environmental reasons.

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